A S K O S   S T O N E   P A R K   V O L I M E S   Z A K Y N T H O S  

Askos Stone Park” is a privately run enterprise that was established in March, 2000 and opened to the public in March, 2002. It comprises an area of 500 stremata (abt. 124 acres) of which the one-fifth is open to visitors. The rest of the area is the habitat of the free animals of the park and is also used for the production of natural animal food (without fertilisers or other chemicals) and the cultivation of fruit-trees. The fruits are used to make several natural products (jam, sweets etc.).

In the park, one has the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of the island, also about 200.000 self-sown plants, bushes and trees (some of which, like olives, are up to 600 years old). Everything is exactly as placed by Mother Nature, but one can see the work of many generations of people, too.

In the same area one may watch its “natural inhabitants”, hundreds of animals that live free in their natural condition - hawks, many kinds of birds, amphibians, insects and other native animals.

As experience accumulated over time, many trees that do not naturally grow on the island were planted in the park, like apple-trees, peach-trees etc., that have exhibited a good adaptation to the climatic and geologic conditions in Zakynthos.

A lot of animals that do not naturally live in Zakynthos can also be seen at the Park, such as squirrels, chinchillas, small-bodied goats and sheep from Africa, raccoon from North America etc.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we inform our friends that we succeeded in breeding the endangered deer species “platonia”, that move about freely in the Park for our guests to watch and enjoy.

In the Park's area there are about 400 stone walls, old stone-built stables and warehouses, basins (for the collection of rainwater) that were cut into the rock 600 years ago, also several constructions of wood and stone (like the stone-paved pathway) in complete harmony with the natural surroundings.

Since it was first placed in operation, the Park has developed to a carefully protected biotope, in which all the free fauna of the area has found protection. That is due to the following reasons:

First, the whole area of the Park is enclosed by fences and completely supervised, so the hunters do not have access.

Second, due to the fact that the northern part of Zakynthos lacks running waters, during the hot summer months many wild animals find water at one of the more than 100 places that water the Park's animals.

Third, during the winter, when finding food becomes hard for the free animals, many birds are fed along with the Park's birds.

Fourth, inside the Park there aren't any noisy activities (taverns with music etc.) that would interfere with the normal life of the animals.

Fifth, no fertilisers or other chemicals are used inside the Park, except for the organic waste material of the animals themselves, exactly in the way it was many years ago.

In the near future the Park will expand even more, so that it offers better conditions for the growth of the flora and fauna inside it. Zakynthos is an island where ecology is an important factor, but it is also a fact that there is great construction activity due to the tourism business, and that has an impact on the environment, which ought to be protected.

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